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Strategic Direction & Planning

Brian has spent the last 21 years as a thought leader in the designing and developing of strategic and technological solutions for online projects. More importantly, his in-depth understanding of the internet, developing for the web, accessibility requirements and its issues allow him to identify and lead complex, yet practical and effective technical development projects. Brian acts as the main technical lead for all projects, ensuring they meet technical requirements and exceed client expectations. Brian will also take on the role of lead developer for may of our projects. Brian has ensured the successful completion of hundreds of development projects over the course of his career.
Brian Bajohr


Oliver brings an immense amount of expertise in operations and project management, with over 20 years of experience managing design and technology related projects. He has managed projects for economic development, tourism, non-profit and for profit clients. His skills are instrumental in managing multi-disciplinary teams  to successfully complete results driven marketing, design and technology projects. Oliver acts as the project manager for all projects, ensuring all work is completed on time and within budget. He also acts as the Art Director, providing creative judgment for interactive, print and conceptual design projects that foster innovative and conceptual solutions to address business goals.
Oliver Pacheco


Graphic Design

Alex has over 15 years of professional experience in creative design, production and art direction. She excels in conceptualization, design and execution of a variety of marketing materials, including annual reports, print and online advertising, brochures, catalogues, corporate identity, infographics, websites, presentations, retail collateral, branding and more. She has a strong and contemporary design aesthetic, and excels in its use to convey complex conceptual ideas.

Alex Pacheco

Art Director

Chris Baginski is an accomplished designer and digital artist with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in creating original illustrations as well as corporate and municipal branding. His skills include logo design and the execution of accompanying marketing materials such as annual reports, print and online advertising, brochures, catalogues, infographics, website designs and more. He utilizes his holistic skill sets to create original graphic languages for our clients.

Chris Baginski

Graphic Designer

Nancy is always looking for new and exciting challenge to improve her creative skill sets. She has over 18 years of design experience in the government and private sector fields. Her many specialities include (but are not limited to) graphic design, corporate ID building and integration, page layout image manipulation, banner advertising  development and video editing. She has a strong background in print media and is migrating those skills to web-based and video design.

Nancy Hanninen

Graphic Designer

Research, Writing & Social Media

Deidre Dixon-Golding is a business marketing professional with over nine years experience. She specializes in copy writing, planning, and digital marketing. She understands the complexities and differences between private and public sector clients, and has successfully provided solutions for clients across a variety of industries. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from Ryerson University.

Deidre Dixon-Golding

Research Writer & Marketing Expert

Paige Laframboise is an experienced communications and marketing professional specializing in business communications. She excels in researching, writing and editing external facing content with a focus on engaging a young, entrepreneurial audience. In order to produce high quality content, Paige stays up to date with the latest trends in technology and social media. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph.

Paige Laframboise

Research Writer & Social Media Expert


Mihir is a full stack developer with over 10 years of development experience using ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL, Angular, Firebase, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery and AJAX. He specializes in designing and developing custom software solutions for a variety of platforms and frameworks including .NET, .NET Core, Angular, REST/SOAP Web APIs, MVC, Web Forms, Class Libraries and Windows Services. Mihir takes on the role of lead developer and is comfortable working in both an Agile or Waterfall environment based on the project needs and size.
Mihir Patel

Full Stack Developer

Gleb is a front end developer with numerous years of experience in a wide range of projects, including programming and layout of landing pages, E-commerce stores and corporate portals. He specializes in building creative WordPress & WooComerce based websites. Gleb is also highly skilled at developing online web animations and interactive web elements using SnapSVG, SMIL, CSS and JS/jQuery, choosing the optional solution based on the type of animation required.

Gleb Bero

Front End Developer

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