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Simply Stated Solutions is a website development and marketing firm that works closely with our clients to provide unique solutions to their creative and technical needs. Our services include graphic design, website development and content writing, as well as support services such as website hosting, email hosting, DNS management and analytics. Whether it’s online development, annual reports or social media, we apply a holistic approach to all our work in order to keep our clients’ message on brand and top of mind.

Graphic Design

Make an impact with clean, clear, communicative designs.

Graphic Design

  • Collaborative creative brief
  • Iterative visual flat plans
  • Balanced and structured layouts
  • Effective and impactful website and print designs
  • Responsive and accessibility compliant

The first step to an effective design is understanding you and your target audience. At Simply Stated we invest time up front to discover your goals before proceeding with any creative. Once we understand what you want to say and to whom, we focus on ensuring all elements are positioned in a balanced relation to one another, building a visual information hierarchy that allows your audience to easily grasp your message.

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416-909-0679 : sales@simplystated.ca

“The County of Elgin has worked on various marketing and Economic Development projects with Oliver Pacheco and Brian Bajohr for approximately 10 years. They have always produced high quality consistent work in a timely manner and are professional and enjoyable to work with.” Katherine Thompson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, County of Elgin www.elgincounty.ca


Website Development

Engage your audience with a website catered to their needs.

Web Development

  • Organized and balanced
  • Optimized coding for faster load times
  • Smart menus for easy navigation
  • Developed for natural reading behaviours
  • Responsive and accessible

Effective websites are a balance between form and function. At Simply Stated we develop websites that work with a users natural reading behaviour in mind. Grid based layouts arrange content into sections that line up and feel balanced, leading to better viewing experiences. Colour blocking and effective use of white space provides your website with a modern look that displays effectively across multiple devices.

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416-909-0679 : sales@simplystated.ca

“Having worked with a number of vendors in the past within the space, I am refreshed and pleased to work with such a professional group. Simply Stated Solutions has been supportive and patient to our organization needs, ranging from simple requests to highly technical requirements. If you like attentive providers, you’ve found the right team.” Ryan Price, Web Developer, Middlesex County www.middlesexcentre.on.ca

Content Writing

Speak directly to your target audience in their language.

Content Writing

  • Important content first
  • Keep content concise and structured for scanning
  • Insure content is valuable and relevant
  • Utilize images to support your message
  • Mobile & accessible friendly

Online attention spans are short, so you need to communicate clearly and efficiently in a way that your audience can relate to. At Simply Stated we optimize your content for online reading, utilizing headlines, sub headlines and bullet points, instead of long windy sentences to convey your key messages. When applicable, we will recommend the use of infographics, videos and graphics to more effectively communicate your message.

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416-909-0679 : sales@simplystated.ca


“My experience with Simply Stated was outstanding. They worked with efficiency and enthusiasm throughout the project. I appreciated their attention to details, suggestions for improvement in layout, design and copy and above all their commitment to ensuring project milestones were completed on schedule.” Kiley Bear, City of Prince Albert, Communications Manager www.citypa.ca

Prospect ID

Turn unknown website visitors into actionable business prospects.

  • Uncover who visited your website

  • Contact leads visiting your website

  • Turn cold leads into hot leads

  • Use real data to make decisions

  • Maximize ROI for on-line campaigns

The Prospect ID plugin allows you to get better insight into the types of organizations visiting your website, when they are visiting and how often. Transforming your previously “blind” website analytics into action oriented business leads, complete with contact information.

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“Simply Stated Solution’s Prospect ID software allows us to translate IP addresses to companies, identify anonymous web visitors and integrate account data into our technology solutions, all based on a company’s IP address. The team at Simply Stated Solutions has been supportive and responsive to our organizations needs. They stay in contact with us to ensure everything is working properly and quickly respond to our requests. Their not simply a supplier, but a valued partner in our regional economic development initiative.” Michael A. Zaharios III, Program Director Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center www.flvec.com 

Website Hosting

Keep your website working, secure and backed up.

  • High performance servers
  • 24-7 hardware/software monitoring
  • AAA rated security environment
  • 448 bit encrypted continuous backup
  • Scaleable environment

Living in a self-serve world can be convenient, but not when it comes to managing your own web servers. Simply Stated trained technicians make sure you’re hosting environment is always secure, backed up and optimized to run efficiently. Choose between a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server. Not sure what service is best for you? Give us a call and we’ll go over your requirements and provide a tailor made solution for you’re hosting needs.

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905-301-8475 : sales@simplystated.ca

“I always found Oliver and Brian on top of everything. They have an uncanny ability to manage multi-faceted projects seemingly effortlessly. Not only can they develop plans, timelines and budgets, but also deliver on them. Simply Stated Solutions and their team are great partners to collaborate with on marketing projects.” Renato Romanin, Economic Development & Communications Professional, Town of Gravenhurst www.gravenhurst365.ca

Email Services

Communicate efficiently and cost effectively with your clients.

Email on phone

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Easy setup
  • Huge 5 GB mailboxes
  • Desktop client, webmail & mobile access
  • Unlimited aliases, group lists & forwarding

The last thing you want to deal with is annoying email issues, especially when you have other pressing priorities to address. That’s why our clients trust Simply Stated to keep there lines of communication running and free up their time to deal with more important work related tasks.

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905-301-8475 : sales@simplystated.ca

“Having worked with Oliver and Brian over the past 5 years we have found them to be responsive to our inquiries and have they displayed great patience given our limited technical knowledge. They have shown consistent follow up when needed and I would recommend them to other small business whom require such solutions.” Darren Allen Principal Owner, Golden Mean Landscapes www.gmlandscapes.ca

Domain Management

Keep your internet address relevant and secure.

Web Search

  • Support your brand
  • Customized sub-domains
  • Integrated with social media channels
  • Ongoing monitoring and management
  • Dual management or full service

Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your web presence. It’s your “address” on the internet and points to your digital online identity. Simply Stated staff have years of experience registering and managing domain names for all types of business and organizations. That’s why many organizations turn control of their domains over to us. We provide regular monitoring of all domain name assets, including WHOIS records, DNS changes and MX-Record updates.

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905-301-8475 : sales@simplystated.ca

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“I am extremely pleased with the work done by Simply Stated Solutions. Your team is great: very responsive, flexible, timely, and always aiming to please which is greatly appreciated.

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